Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back from the... dead?

Oh god. Finally, I have a home. And I am more motivated than ever to immerse myself in creation. Having no place AT ALL to live for a month and a half gives you a lot of time to think for yourself, and I've realised a few important things that way.

Now I have quite a lot of editing work to do since I wasn't able to access my own computer for all that time. The movie is back in production, I am almost done filming. With a friend of mine we've built a very nice dolly machine that works great and we can't wait to use it for the movie. In total there's 3 scenes left to do, so wish me good luck.

When this kind of experience happens to you, you just have to realise that life has given you a "continue". And I will use it to the best of my capabilities.

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