Sunday, February 27, 2011


It may sound weird, but to me music is really visual. It stimulates my imagination to create all these images in my head which are directly inspired by the music. It's what I'd like to call ''musical landscapes''. Didn't you ever go to one of your friends and say ''Man listen to this song I totally picture this and that!''? So for me, a good song will be evocative and feeling and thought-provoking. Music plants that little seed in you and reflecting on that makes it grow.

All this to say that I'm thrilled to see that the first song I've made in about 2 months now shows this kind of approach. I hope you like it.

Back from the... dead?

Oh god. Finally, I have a home. And I am more motivated than ever to immerse myself in creation. Having no place AT ALL to live for a month and a half gives you a lot of time to think for yourself, and I've realised a few important things that way.

Now I have quite a lot of editing work to do since I wasn't able to access my own computer for all that time. The movie is back in production, I am almost done filming. With a friend of mine we've built a very nice dolly machine that works great and we can't wait to use it for the movie. In total there's 3 scenes left to do, so wish me good luck.

When this kind of experience happens to you, you just have to realise that life has given you a "continue". And I will use it to the best of my capabilities.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick/Late update

Life has it's ups and downs, and I'm obviously in a down these days. My appartment was flooded 2 weeks ago and I've been living here and there since then. No time at all for creative work, my main focus is my survival. Needless to say, the movie and my musical projects have been put on hold while things sort themselves out. I will soon be able to return to my place (hopefully), and I feel that a new wave of inspiration will flow through me.

When life gives you lemons, ask yourself why. Don't let all those distractions drive you away from your essence, from your passions and your work. All of this has given me a lot of time to think and I'm sort of grateful for that. But I simply cannot wait to go back home. I will dive into my world head first, count on me.

See you soon.